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Burial Options

*Burial Packages Available from $2,195 – $3,295

*Burial Packages Available from $2,195 – $3,295

Many families choose burial as an appropriate, dignified way to honor relationships and celebrate the life of their loved ones. A burial service can be as simple or as unique as the life being honored.

The burial service option allows family and close friends the opportunity to visit the final resting place of their loved one.

The three burial packages are designed to simplify decision-making while allowing for various options and possibilities.

Depending on the service package chosen, it may include selection of casket or urn, the initial transfer from the place of death (within 50 miles of Lake Charles) to the funeral home, embalming of the deceased, dressing and cosmetology services, and general use of funeral home facilities.

All burial packages include the transfer of the deceased to the funeral home or gravesite – location depending on the type of service or burial package chosen.

*Not all service packages include embalming (unless specified), an alternative container (or cremation casket), or an urn. Once you have chosen your burial package, you will proceed to make a selection of these items.

These package prices reflect an online discount to traditional services and are available only online through Simple Traditions by Johnson Funeral Home. From the packages, you will select the one which best reflects your family’s needs and preferences. Once you have explored your service options and made a decision, you will be directed to your next step.

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